Our process

Our approach is unique. Because we believe in building relationships with our clients, our focus is long-term. Each project we produce is part of the larger picture, and carries a consistent message that aligns with your brand identity.

In short, we believe that the forest matters as much as the trees. And we act accordingly.


At our initial meeting, we’ll discuss your vision. Your goals. Your challenges. We’ll look at your legacy information, and ask the questions to elicit the information we’ll use to begin forming the basis of our strategic plans.


During this phase, we call together just the right team for research, strategy development, concepts and implementation. Based on their project-specific skills and talent, these individuals will be instrumental in carrying out your intentions and seeing to it that the seeds we’re planting reach their full potential.


At this stage, we are in the thick of implementing the creative solutions that we collaboratively identified and agreed upon. We continue to work side-by-side with you, ensuring always that the messaging is aligned with your mission.


Fruits of labor are delicious — and so good for you. Once your design and marketing solutions have been delivered, we get together with you again, to review the results, answer any questions, and talk about next steps.

It’s a simple, natural and highly effective cycle.