Our story

Cause Farm Creative was founded by Beth Goldfarb Jackson in 2010 with a unique mission: to specifically serve non-profit, community-based organizations. As Beth puts it, “My desire to give back started when I was very young. My parents taught me the importance of serving the community — not only with words, but also with actions. I recall being around five or six years old and tagging along with my mom when she dropped off donations at the Foundation for the Junior Blind. At age 11, I volunteered for an entire summer at my former preschool. And my father — who was a physician — would often donate medical services to those in need. I remember my grandparents telling us about “tzedakah” (the Hebrew word for “righteousness” — or doing the right thing) and the importance of helping others once your own basic needs had been met. I guess you could say that giving back is in my blood.”

As Beth continued to grow her business, she wanted to follow her parents’ and grandparents’ example and find ways to serve others — not only in her personal life, but in her professional work as well. She wanted to do more than the occasional pro-bono job or public relations move. Her early experiences with non-profits made her realize that she wanted to work with organizations whose entire focus was serving the community and ultimately changing the world.

“Once I made this shift, my life — including my work — became so much more meaningful.”

Our mission

Our mission is to facilitate growth of donor bases and increase visibility for non-profits and cause-related organizations, through the power of strategic design and marketing.

Our core values: